After 25 years in business we are still welcoming new customers. And here is what they tell us on their first experience:

“Cafe Collage is not a restaurant – it’s like entering your home. We thought this type of dining no longer existed. Small, intimate, personal, right in our backyard.”

Come experience the essence of dining with friends.

Cafe Collage offers diners the best food paired with the best wine list in Yuba County.

We offer 2 seatings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 5 pm and 7 pm for a total of 24 diners each night. We request reservations to accommodate as many who wish to dine with us as possible.

We host private events Tuesday through Thursday night for up to 12 guests.

We travel periodically and, to do so, we close the cafe. Once back, we enrich your dining experience with our latest gastronomy inspiration.

Stay at our Airbnb next door and we will serve your meal there, at “Table 5”.

Create a lasting treasure in our sewing workshop, Sew Off the Grid, also on property, and learn something new.

Our Dinner Menu (link below) is updated with weekend specials every Friday.

Anne & Salim have been serving their customers for over 25 years in this remote location in the middle of nowhere. Salim conveys his experience in every dish, whether it is a signature he has been serving since 1998, or a new dish, inspired by recent travels or new ingredients. Anne has refined the wine list, with stories to tell about each winery and grape variety, making the selection of a perfect wine to accompany Salim’s meal as easy as it is fun.

Salim’s plates are a collage of ingredients – an assortment of culinary influences from around the Mediterranean, including his native country, Tunisia and its Berber heritage, which was, for centuries, a crossroads of cuisines from Southern France, Sicily and Turkey. He also shares his love of Greece and his experiences there through the Greek dishes he creates with local ingredients.

Join us and learn what it means to become part of our extended cafe family, our dear friends who enjoy being and dining together. One couple drives 45 minutes each way for their monthly reservation. No one could have won our hearts more than these two!

Local Landmark


For 22 years we have supported our customers, many of whom drive 35 – 45 miles, regularly, on back roads, to taste our food.

Home-like setting - Café Collage


We offer retreats combining our cafe, our Airbnb cottage, and our sewing workshop. Get away to the quiet countryside and learn to prepare a favorite dish in a Cooking Demonstration & 3 course meal. Learn to sew with friends or create a special baby or bridal shower in our sewing workshop. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or engagement. Experience the annual olive harvest and olive pressing.